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At CoTenacious Community, we strive to be a safe place for folks to build their communities, learn, connect, heal and to engage in our local communities in a productive and supportive way. 

Our team of clinicians, friends, colleagues, and family have joined us to provide a variety of ways to support our community as a whole including things like community meet ups, financial education, yoga for healing, navigating the holiday season support groups, and spiritual guidance through tarot!

We will be adding services as we grow and encourage you to reach out and let us know how we can support you!

CoTenacious Community is an extension of CoTenacious Therapy and has been part of our mission since we started! The services and events provided by the CoTenacious Community are not therapy, though they may feel therapeutic. If you are looking to connect with one of our Flock for therapy, please visit


  • Sex Education

  • COVID fatigue and burnout

  • Parenting Gen Z and Gen Alpha

  • Mixed orientation relationships

  • So you found out you have ADHD during COVID, now what?

Hang Outs

  • Holiday Hangouts

  • Pet a Pet for Soothing

  • Plants, plant, plants!

  • Poly Families Unite!

  • Munch

  • I'm bored, wanna hang?



  • Second Saturday Divorce Workshop

  • Financial Education

  • Yoga

  • Social Skills for Kids

  • Making Connections for Adults

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