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with tierra clark


have you ever wondered.....

How can I move my career forward?

How can I restore my hope for the future?

What cycles are impacting me?

 What should I do about the situation with my sibling?

How can I improve my relationship with my children?

What do I need to know about my love life?

What's holding me back?


"I am a spiritual guide, one who taps into her intuition by using the energy and the elements that the universe has to offer. I’m a clinician by profession but I’ve always been guided towards spirituality. 


My overall purpose is to assist others with restoring and affirming inner hope and positive movement. It is through this experience that I want individuals to become more aware of their own power and influence within this world. 


My goal is to help you towards becoming more aligned with your life goals & your destiny. I will guide you into knowing and understanding your blockages; with the hope of enhancing your creative side in order to unlock the hidden answers from within. Always remember to never underestimate your own ability to make the best decision in any given situation!"



Tierra says...

Tarot Cards _ Crystals

"Tarot reflects a fool’s journey,
your journey, my journey."


Relationships  /   Love  /  Marriage  /  Divorce  /  Career  /   Health  /  Family  /  Finance  /  Karma
Image by Edz Norton

Tierra understands that many times people are so busy that fitting in something that feels optional can be overwhelming. In order to accommodate folks, she is able to provide recorded readings that will be emailed to you! With this option, you will send her the questions you would like guidance on and she will complete your reading without a 1 on 1 meeting. 

Join Tierra for a live tarot reading online where you will be able to explore the areas of your life that you are questioning. After your time together, she will send you a recording of the reading as well.

Live readings let you explore more in the moment and get clarification on the messages coming to you!

Disclaimer: Tierra Clark is a licensed therapist in Maryland but when she is giving a tarot reading, she is not providing therapy or serving as your therapist in any way. Tarot readings are for entertainment and self exploration purposes only and should never replace professional advice.  Should it seem that you may benefit from therapy, Tierra will be happy to provide referrals to you! If you know you are looking for therapy now, and you're located in Maryland, visit

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